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Housing is a "the rotting wooden shell" actual need to tear down the reconstruction buy a house repairs may spend more jail hidden behind The sale of one dollar estate real estate company owner Robert Hakim said: "One dollar house is just a 'shell', which have nothing, Louis Vuitton Outlet everything you need to re-build, install windows and doors, paint the walls, connect the wires and water, actually need to tear down the reconstruction annual property tax of one dollar house in 1000-2000 U.S. dollars, land tax and insurance every year increase, even if it is the buyer's house bulldozed, still have to pay these costs. With the Government of the State of Michigan Detroit took over the brink of bankruptcy, "A dollar and a suite", "a pair of shoes = two suites", "domestic real estate speculators group hunters Detroit and other news headlines recently. Xinhua News Agency reporters and the United States "newspaper" reporter recently went to Detroit investigation has found that the "room" is not a new thing, in Detroit three years ago sold. Buy these houses have to bear the cost of repairs, taxes, etc., and security risks.

Real estate agent, did not dare go - The hotel "newspaper" reporter immediately phone the greater Detroit area the ethnic Chinese real estate brokers Wang. Louis Vuitton Outlet Store Wang heard the reporter to the house and intends to buy downtown Detroit "room" or "shoe room", the tone will rise immediately, said excitedly, without any a Chinese-American real estate broker will take guests to see the Detroit cheap room, nor a Chinese buyers will actually buy such a room. "I took showings gun, you want to buy a house buy a gun.

The other explained that to see a cheap room to carry a gun dare to look, otherwise it is impossible to guarantee the life and safety of the guests, because the many vagrant hiding in the house, Louis Vuitton Outlet Online do not know what will happen. Miss Tian of another real estate company asked the reporter, "Why buy a house downtown Detroit?" Bought can not live in white Diuqian. "She cautioned that" Chinese people do business in Detroit little near full African, the environment, security is even worse, Chinese and other ethnic groups have been moved out, and the urban left all African, you dare let the house to them? " Real estate advertising through the local Chinese newspaper, the reporter went on to call a number of ethnic Chinese broker, the answer without exception: "We do not do the business of Detroit, buy cheap room drove down to see your own, but do be careful, Do not get off. "

Want to buy a house within six months after repair - Detroit city government reporter drove to the city center. Louis Vuitton Handbags Detroit city government buildings and security environment department heads Hanmer, Detroit does have a lot of cheap housing, but you must do your homework before buying, you may spend $ 500 to buy a house to spend tens of thousands of dollars to repair it. Hanmo Ming indeed, before you purchase any real estate in Detroit, the seller and the buyer need to proposed Housing detection application to the municipal government buildings and security environment. Government in receipt of Housing detection application will be deployed the inspectors detected to the house, and issue a housing inspection report, delivered in a few days the hands of the buyer and seller. To buy a house, if it determines the contents of the housing inspection report, required to sign a form, and to ensure that the commitment to maintain the house. If you bought a cheap room did not fulfill the requirements of the test report how to do? Hanmer frowned and said sternly, under the laws of the city of Detroit, after the purchase of any homeowner within 6 months did not fulfill the housing inspection report requirements, responsibility for maintenance, Louis Vuitton Luggage or re-appointment of a new housing detection applications, housing Lord face 90 days jail and a fine of 500 yuan.


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