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Post  xiaoshen on Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:15 pm

Russian military Messenger "magazine speculation, multi-functional icing wind tunnel of the People's Liberation Army has begun to run, which marks China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center of scientific research and experiments New Area into a substantive stage of construction. China's official media reported, a helicopter gunship model accept the wind tunnel test screen flashed. louis vuitton outlet store Reported speculation, this is the People's Liberation Army a helicopter gunship. Its exposure indicates that China's new generation helicopter gunships entered the testing phase. Reported that the People's Liberation Army has been equipped with a Z-9 and WZ -10 helicopter, two helicopter design focused attack. May face complex combat situation, the Chinese Army Aviation also need a good air combat helicopter gunships. Reported speculation, the People's Liberation Army may have started to develop the helicopter, the installation of a digital weapons management system, and can be equipped with a variety of air weapons and ground attack weapons. It also might have been adopting state-of-the-art radar, the the air mobility performance and the combat capability of is will be very excellent.

Russian military Messenger "magazine speculation, The new helicopter of the People's Liberation Army and the famous Comanche helicopter gunships similar. louis vuitton outlet online According to the U.S. "global security" reported, although the U.S. military procurement plan of the Comanche helicopter gunships canceled due to funding and other factors, but the helicopter is nonetheless an excellent continental aviation combat platforms. Reported that the Comanche helicopter configuration is very powerful weapons. It can carry up to 864 kilograms of weapons load by different combinations. Its rotating turret equipped with a 20 mm caliber double-barreled cannon, implement measures against air targets, rate of fire up to 1500 rounds per minute. The most important thing is, the recharge time is very short, three soldiers can be completed in less than 13 minutes the Comanche helicopter loading and refueling work, so let it quickly into the "secondary attack. Comanche helicopter is also equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, the ability to conduct reconnaissance operations in adverse weather conditions. Exchange that and other armed helicopters, it can take the lead in finding the target, louis vuitton outlet and the first to fire at each other before opening fire.

Compared with the U.S. Army Apache attack helicopter, the Comanche helicopter first to find the target maximum distance increased by 40%, its combat reaction time is shortened by 95%. Thus, this helicopter air combat capability is exceptional. "The military messenger" that, if such an armed helicopters were able to join the People's Liberation Army aviation units of battle, louis vuitton handbags it will fill the blank of their fighting helicopter, thus greatly enhancing the Army Aviation air mass destruction. "Military Messenger" magazine The new helicopter model, but more media that the model for the straight -12 -16 straight.

"Global security", the People's Liberation Army has been making great efforts to the development of light and medium helicopters, including reconnaissance helicopters, transport helicopters and helicopter gunships, the West will call straight-X series helicopters. Reported that, China has launched a Z-11 and straight -15 helicopter straight -8 and -9 two straight models. louis vuitton sunglasses Z-11 dual-use light helicopter jointly developed by Changhe Aircraft Industry Group and the China Helicopter Research Institute. The prototype developed by the French subsidiary Eurocopter AS350 "Squirrel" multi-purpose light helicopter. Straight -15 is a medium-sized utility helicopter developed in cooperation between China and France, the models have been successful maiden flight at the end of 2009


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