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Post  xiaoshen on Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:01 pm

According to the United States, "Foreign Policy" magazine website reported on April 12, the original question: Valentine's Day article said that in late April, China and the United States the most important generals of the army will meet to see if they can make the world's most dangerous military relations to return to the safety rail. Nike Free Run 3 Their task is to reduce risk, prevent China around the trigger point upgrade the Sino-US war.

The article said that until recently, the People's Liberation Army has been abide by the late Communist Party leader Deng Xiaoping's famous quote "keeping a low profile" in the case does not lead to an arms race in the surrounding quietly military development. Their strategic intent is ambiguous, and thus did not lead to the vigilance of the power. At the same time, Nike Free Run 2 the PLA's combat capability is not strong enough to procure other countries to make the point of the defensive posture. The leaders of the People's Liberation Army has been considered to reduce the contact with the outside world, not to disclose the PLA's combat capability, strategic intent and command system best suits their interests. But there are signs that this idea is changing, becoming more and more powerful as China's military power, keep Troops, mystery.

Article, but the last 20 years, China's military spending has shown double-digit growth. After 20 years of development, the PLA can no longer hide their abilities. Nike Free 3.0 Test flight of the stealth fighter, the deployment of the world's first anti-ship ballistic missiles, but also enable China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship. Former U.S. nuclear non-proliferation Special Representative Christopher Ford said: "The power is not necessary to show weakness." In support of military hardware, the People's Liberation Army seems to no longer have the patience of "low profile". Navy is to promote the disputed waters, prompting almost every coastal country in the region to increase military spending, create a new security alliance with each other, and the United States to accelerate the strategic center of gravity "to".

The article said that at the end of 2012, Ford said that the armed forces maintain a certain mystique to the People's Liberation Army generals sometimes can have a deterrent effect, but extreme lack of understanding will lead to the other side to make the worst idea of. This is China now faces. His army conference held in Beijing Fragrant Hill on the issues of lack of trust in Sino-US speech. Lebron 10 He said: "for strategic reasons has always maintained the mystique of the armed forces, which make it easier for Americans and China's neighboring countries worst idea of ??strategic planning and intent of the People's Liberation Army." Of course, this military aggression in China potential has been greatly exaggerated even beyond reality. Ford said: "If the purpose of the People's Liberation Army is not through coercive means to establish China as the center of regional or global 'harmony', Beijing's goal really is as harmless as Chinese leaders said, is crucial to increase the transparency of the army that so far, the People's Liberation Army refused to provide the necessary transparency in this regard, I think this case is difficult to sustain, but the opposite effect. "

The article said that the PLA is still the United States is defined as China's main rival. But keep troops mysteries of strategic thinking may change. Since October 2012, the People's Liberation Army officials have been relatively warm and frank attitude towards their U.S. counterparts, one am shocked Pentagon officials in private even described this situation as "Valentine's Day". Nike Air Griffey Max 1 More open channels of cooperation with China, Australia proposed that the three countries held joint military exercises and exchanges. According to a person familiar with the Chinese side on the principle of give "positive" reply. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said publicly that the recent visit to China may be held and Sino-US the Three Kingdoms joint exercise. China and the United States into a possible last for decades the risk of competition. However, at least two countries army generals are talks to find the way to prevent the crisis from further deterioration spin out of control.


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