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Post  xiaoshen on Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:09 pm

Venezuela Local time at 6:00 on the 14th, with around polling stations opened up to the appointment of presidential election officially begins. The ruling party candidate Nicolas Maduro, 13, 2011 to pay respect to the late President Hugo Chavez, the opposition accused the ruling party of the state apparatus unfair competition.

19 million voters - Vote in Local 14, 6 am local time (18:00 GMT), is expected to be the end of the day 18:00, Louis Vuitton Luggage then there are voters waiting in line to vote, it will extend the voting time. The fastest preliminary results will be released within 3 hours after the polls close. According to the message commissioned the National Electoral Commission, the election has approximately 13,600 polling stations, nearly 19 million voters registered to vote. The Venezuela military said the date of the election "unprecedented" deployed throughout the country more than 140,000 police to prevent confusion and violence. Venezuela also closed from the 9th to the Brazilian border with Colombia, the next day, at the end of the election ban. Committee in the 12th, the Government announced on national television, and arrested two foreigners posing as a Venezuelan military officials suspected of planning to create chaos in the polling day. But the opposition pointed out that the Government's intention to transfer the attention of voters through such messages. In addition, observers from international organizations will supervise the voting and counting processes.

Acting president to pay homage to the former - 13, 2011, Chavez suffered a brief military coup and quickly charge of the 11 anniversary of the regime, Maduro led by senior government officials and army generals, to the Military Academy in the capital Caracas to pay homage Chavez. Maduro said: "You know the Commander Chavez handed me a difficult task, Louis Vuitton Men Bags I accept it like a son and I will always be loyal to him." Maduro, aged 50, was a bus driver last year, Chavez is designated as the "successor". Each campaign rally, Maduro will play Chavez designated him as the successor to the video. It comes to elections, Maduro said: "We won a great victory, the greater the winning margin, the more peace in Venezuela. If the gap is smaller, just because the opposition attempt to confuse the part of the Venezuelans." Ignacio Avalos, a sociology professor at the Central University of Venezuela, said: "The the Maduro has two very important advantages weapons; Chavez's behest and the state machine."

The opposition accused the injustice - The opposition accused Maduro camp of "improper use of official resources for the Maduro campaign rally. Venezuela state television has to play a video in Miranda, a sports center, Foreign Minister Elias Howe Asia builder's appearance, warning the audience Maduro winning in order to ensure the well-being of all Venezuelans. Louis Vuitton Shoes Capriles is currently the governor of Miranda, Hao Ya lost the gubernatorial elections in December last year. The opposition believes that the state television to disrupt the electoral provisions unacceptable and called on the Electoral Commission to take immediate action to stop this behavior. In addition, the opposition also accused Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona ignored the Venezuelan electoral law, public support Maduro. The recently, Capriles Maduro poll ratings gap narrowing to less than 10 percent, the poll showed, the gap between the two sides of 7 percentage points.

Throughout personal experience, the two candidates with the late President Chavez varying degrees of intersection, and the campaign advocates around Chavez during his lifetime governance expand. Although they named accused, a strong smell of gunpowder, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses the outside world that this is a Chavez supporters and opponents strength against each other on the campaign trail. However, a review of campaign advocates, the two candidates seem to Chavez policy in the affirmative. Capriles, for example, although he often campaign criticized Maduro, but do not point the finger of blame in the country enjoy a high reputation Chavez. On the contrary, the opposition presidential candidate on behalf of the Chavez camp color often wear red T-shirt, Chavez's idol, the beginning of the 19th century Latin American independence leader Simon Bolivar named his campaign headquarters.Campaign advocates, Capriles repeatedly clarified, "opposition", but "solutions." His commitment to continuing to implement the Chavez any support by national social welfare programs, covering health, education, food, and just change to go left-wing development model similar to Brazil. He is committed to reduce the ranks highest bit crime rate in South America, troubled economic recovery suffering from shortages of basic foodstuffs.If Maduro was elected President Chavez during the policy will undoubtedly continue. Signed article published in the British "Guardian" on the 12th, Maduro explained to continue "quasi-policy agenda was elected president, promised to continue to Chavez" revolution "and face the challenges, and intensified efforts fight against crime, remediation of government inefficiency and corruption, Louis Vuitton Wallets and cooperation with neighboring countries, deepen regional integration, the fight against poverty and social inequality.


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