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Post  xiaoshen on Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:12 pm

I'm looking forward to avoid misfires in Northeast Asia - The increasingly tense situation of the Korean Peninsula, the world nerves. Kerry just three days, visited South Korea, China and Japan in Northeast Asia through diplomatic channels to avoid misfires. Kerry said Saturday press conference in Beijing, Nike Air Max TN North Korea were willing to abandon its nuclear weapons program, the United States can be cut in the Western Pacific added a new missile defense system. Proposal exactly aligned with the Chinese mind, the latest initiative of the United States due to Beijing uneasy. "New York Times" reported that this is the new U.S. diplomatic means, the aim is to induce China to make it has been reluctant to do things - to put more pressure on North Korea, forcing the country's leaders to abandon its nuclear weapons.

In recent weeks, the United States in the region to deploy two Aegis destroyers, and said it would accelerate the deployment of land-based missile defense system in Guam. For the latest initiatives of the United States, many Chinese people believe that the deployment of new U.S. missile defense system, is one of the strategies to counterbalance China, especially the United States is the strategic center is transferred to Asia. In the past, Nike Air Max 90 China is worried about another issue, it is worried about the situation in North Korea in case of turbulence, it would lead to the collapse of the North Korean regime, which will make the entire Korean peninsula fall within the sphere of influence of the United States. China's cooperation to the United States take a hard line against North Korea's strategy is critical. The Obama administration wants to have a permanent solution, complete resolution of the DPRK nuclear issue. American government in the face of North Korea's provocative, always financial assistance to ease the situation, the necessary assistance, but North Korea will put it promised commitment to abandon its nuclear program completely forgotten.

Interpretation of all walks of life, Kerry then pointed out that the new initiative is a logical move. He said: "obviously, if the threat is gone, that is, North Korea to go nuclear, Nike Air Max 87 then we are no longer an urgent need for such a powerful front-line defense." Kerry Beijing's latest proposal may cause rebound, a strong advocate of the U.S. missile defense system argued that the United States should be to strengthen the missile defense system, in response to China's growing military power. The current situation is that even if China decided to put more pressure on North Korea, North Korea will not necessarily yield. Under the leadership of the new leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea has several times ignore the appeal, including the refusal to adhere to conduct a nuclear test, Beijing persuasion with the result that the situation on the Korean Peninsula rapid warming.

Yesterday afternoon, Kerry flew to Tokyo, held a round of talks with Japanese Foreign Minister shore Tianwen Xiong, launched consultations on how to deal with North Korea or ballistic missile launches trends. Kerry and shore Tian Wenxiong subsequently held a press conference said that the United States will wholeheartedly comply with the commitment to protect Japan. However, Kerry stressed that the United States hopes to find a peaceful solution to defuse tensions on the Korean Peninsula. U.S. and Japanese foreign ministers also said that if North Korea to take action to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula, Nike Air Max 2012 and to abide by the agreement agreed on the North Korean nuclear issue in the past, the United States and Japan are willing to hold new talks with North Korea. Kerry said, "Our option is to start negotiations, our options are moved to the negotiating table to find a way to let the Korean Peninsula peace."

Korean experts said North Korea will not be 20 million Chinese Korean war Seoul - Reported on April 11, although the sustained tension of the situation on the Korean peninsula, but many political observers believe that there is no full-scale war may occur. Korean Hanwha Institute of Economic Research analyst Gao Xiu Shu cited four major reasons North Korea will not go to war on the Korean. The high show Suk First, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is very clear that the overwhelming military strength of the United States, which has been reflected in the war in Iraq in the early 21st century. Second, Nike Air Max 2011 North Korea will not attack Seoul. 20 million Chinese people in the South Korean capital. "China is North Korea's benefactor, will not allow North Korea to kill its citizens. Third, North Korea's military strength is not as good as South Korea and the United States. Korea and the U.S. have advanced in three areas of the land, sea and air military resources. Finally, Kim Jong-un really want is peace, so that he can long-term control of the North Korean regime. "If you go to war, he (Kim Jong-un) may suffer a great loss he would not take the risk.


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