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5-year-old boy in Ohio, USA Cross (Ethan Clos) cut a hair such as Yamagata, louis vuitton outlet resembles the the Nagasawa head of the Japanese manga "Chibi Maruko". The boy wore a new hairstyle happy to go to kindergarten, but only on two days, the school refused admission to schools, because the hair is too abrupt, violation of school rules. Reported Taiwan News ETtoday cloud, bare head, leaving only the middle of a handful of hair, a root comb up, stand upright, 5-year-old Crosby cut a cool hairstyle, like most the cherry pellets yard Nagasawa. But he wore a new hairstyle happy to go to kindergarten, two days before the school was refused admission to schools, because the hair too obtrusive violation of school rules. His mother was furious that the baby son hairstyle similar to the Mohawk hairstyle popular in the 1980s, there's nothing wrong. In fact, not only the Cross, like Beckham love change overhead, cut a similar hairstyle, actress wearing a microphone Moore also. Cross's mother believes that schools do make a fuss, louis vuitton outlet store she also mentioned that the Cross "shaved head", next week back to school.

Russian billionaire denounced the $ 152 million purchase of the two islands of Greece - According to the U.S. louis vuitton outlet online "Forbes" biweekly website today revealed two islands in the name of Athena Roussel, granddaughter of the late Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis score Peoria Island and Spa Corti Island, Russian billionaire Dmitry 雷博洛夫列夫 purchased for $ 152 million. Driscoll Peoria Island is located in the Ionian Sea, about 1 km from the west coast of Greece. It is reported that a total of three residential island, a helipad and a marina. The island is Onassis in 1962 to about 10,000 pounds annual maintenance fee of nearly 1.5 million euros. Onassis and former U.S. President John F. Kennedy's widow, Jacqueline wedding is held on the island. Onassis himself, his daughter Christina and son, Alexander, were buried here. The next to Spa Corti Island Onassis bought for son Alexander, Alexander was killed in a car accident at the age of 25. Russell eight years ago began looking for a buyer for the island, because she almost do not go there. Earlier rumors that Microsoft founder Bill Gates and singer Madonna and other celebrities have expressed interest. 雷博洛夫列夫 has assets of approximately $ 9.1 billion in 2011, had a record of the New York real estate acquisition record: $ 88 million for his daughter bought a mansion in Manhattan.

Finland apologize Putin mistakenly included in the list of suspects - Finland Russian President Vladimir Putin has admitted mistakenly included in the secret list of suspects, louis vuitton handbags the Finnish Ministry of the Interior and the Police has published a statement to apologize to Putin. 10, the Finnish commercial television station MTV3 reported that Putin is Russia a member of the motorcycle club "Night Wolves" After the award ceremony, his name in December last year by the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation included in the secret list of suspects on the grounds that suspected him of criminal gang have been involved. The matter has been disclosed, the Finnish Minister of the Interior and the police chief immediately respond, said Putin was included in the list of suspects is no basis for mistakes, and to extend my sincere apologies to Putin.

Finnish police said Putin's name has been removed from the list, the authorities are investigating blunders. 11, cheap louis vuitton handbags the Finnish President Paganini Manchester Finnish police collected information questioned, said the occurrence of the above mistakes "incredible", saying the matter will not affect bilateral relations in Finland and Russia. According to the "Night Wolves motorcycle club website, the club was founded in the 1980s, has become the largest in Russia and the surrounding areas, one of the most respected motorcycle club. Putin has participated in the activities of the club and its members with drag racing.


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