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14, Pyongyang, North Korea, the 26th Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon held in honor of the late North Korean supreme leader Kim Il Sung's birthday (April 15). Louis Vuitton Belts 14, Japanese Foreign Minister shore Tianwen Xiong (right) and U.S. Secretary of State Warren met with reporters. 14, in charge of North Korea North-South relations, the peaceful reunification of the motherland Commission accused South Korean President Park Geun-hye proposed dialogue with North Korea is "cunning trick" insincere and ROK really interested in dialogue, to give up the fight against gesture must fundamentally.

Whether the dialogue depends on the Korean attitude - Park Geun-hye, the 11th with the ruling New National Party lawmaker dinner expressed its willingness to dialogue with North Korea, in order to promote confidence-building process of the Korean Peninsula, Louis Vuitton sunglasses South Korean Unification Minister Liu Ji issued a statement on dialogue to unlock the deadlock in City Industrial Park. The peaceful reunification of the motherland, a spokesman of the Committee to form A reporter asked KCNA said South Korea and the United States is still in progress "vulture" military exercises, to DPRK military responses as an excuse, intensified aggression against Korea provocation; South Korea proposed dialogue known as "provocative", "abandon its nuclear program", "vicious circle", showed that South Korea did not give up the sense of hostility and confrontation intentions against North Korea. In this case, the possibility of holding dialogue? ...... Such a dialogue would be meaningless. " The spokesman stressed that confrontation and dialogue can not co-exist, if the South Korean authorities are really interested in dialogue, we must fundamentally give up the fight posture; whether the dialogue in the future depends entirely on the attitude of the South Korean authorities.

Non-governmental organizations to suspend air-dropped leaflets - An unnamed South Korean Unification Ministry officials told reporters later, Louis Vuitton Bags The DPRK Zhefan condemned "the initial response to the proposed dialogue, whether from north to south dialogue remains to be seen. The official said the view of the peaceful reunification of the motherland Commission spokesman level is not high, and not based on the form of statement to respond, as well as the ability to dialogue depends on the ROK attitude "and other words, is not possible at this stage to conclude that the DPRK actually rejected the proposal of the dialogue. Unification Ministry in charge of North-South relations will continue to focus and analysis. In addition, a South Korean non-governmental organizations said on the 14th, in view of the Government's proposed dialogue, they decided to give up on the 15th with a large balloon near the inter-Korean border to the Korean air-dropped anti-DPRK leaflets. But, if North Korea refuses to dialogue and proposed to continue to issue threats or missile test, Louis Vuitton Luggage this group will continue to be air-dropped leaflets.

Analysts said Kim Jong-un "disappeared" two weeks intended drawn international attention - Pyongyang 14 days immersed in the festive atmosphere, queuing flowers, to meet the 15 "Sun Festival" and the name of the late President 101 anniversary of the birth of the bronze statue of Kim Il Sung. Japan's Kyodo news agency said, compared with Japan, the U.S., South Korea North Korea may launch medium-range ballistic missiles after the 15th increased vigilance, Pyongyang feel less tense atmosphere. The anonymous Han Gaoguan of 14 near an airport in Pyongyang, North Korea's recent mobilization of military personnel and equipment, rehearsal Sun Festival parade. The official said, compared with April 15 last year, this year's parade looks small. However, the DPRK may show the newly developed missiles. Expected that the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, will attend the parade as last year and made a speech. Kim Jong-un since the 1st of this month by the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly is almost no public appearances. A person familiar with North Korea analyst told a the Yonhap reporter, Louis Vuitton Handbags Kim Jong-un continuous inspection of the troops, public events, the last two weeks from the sight of people suddenly "disappeared", the same in the case of "psychological warfare" aimed at international concern.


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