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Caracas: Venezuela election voting began at 6 am local time on the 14th (GMT 18:00), nearly 19 million registered voters in the death of the late President Chavez 40 days after the election of the new president of the country, officially opened "post-Chavez era." Venezuela Election Commission statement said that the Commission 13638 polling, more than 3.9 million units of voting machines. Louis Vuitton Belts The ballot will be completed by the electronic equipment, voters will fingerprint and ID card two-factor authentication, anonymous voting. Otherwise UNASUR, MERCOSUR and other organizations about 150 international observers to monitor the elections. The voting started at 6 am local time, is expected to be the end of the day 18:00, then there are voters waiting in line to vote, it will extend the voting time. The fastest preliminary results will be released within 3 hours after the polls close.

The Venezuela military said the date of the election "unprecedented" deployed throughout the country more than 140,000 police to prevent confusion and violence. Venezuela with Colombia, Brazil and Guyana border, from the 9th to close at the end of the election the next day ban. Committee in the 12th, Louis Vuitton Shoes the Government announced on national television, and arrested two foreigners posing as a Venezuelan military officials suspected of planning to create chaos in the polling day. But the opposition refers to the Government's intention to transfer the attention of voters through such messages. 14 days, there were seven candidates in the presidential race, the victory Popular "hand-picked successor for Chavez during his lifetime, the ruling party candidate, the current acting president Nicolas Maduro, as well as in the general elections in October 2012 only defeat Chavez less than 10 percent of the opposition candidate Henrique Capriles.

In 2012, the fourth victory the election of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, after a two-year battle with cancer, died on March 5, 2013. The last pre-election polls show, Maduro support rate leading Capriles about 10 percentage points in. Louis Vuitton Wallets But the poll also showed that about 15% of "still on the sidelines" voters, may influence the final result of the election. Commenting that, no matter who won the election, the new president will face a "post-Chavez era" internal economic reforms to curb inflation, rectify social security, external adjustment with the important task of the Latin American countries and the United States relations, while the opposition and the pro-investigation Weisi Pai struggle at the end of the election is expected to continue for some time.

The first printed book in the United States will be auction estimate of $ 30 million - On the first printed book in the history of the United States Gulf hymn "(Bay Psalm Book) will be held on November 26 this year in the UK auction, the estimated price of up to $ 30 million. This book is currently the world's only 11, outside of the poems very highly, saying it marks the beginning of American literature. According to U.S. media reported on April 12, the "Gulf hymn" is translated by the Hebrew Folk Song hymnals. The Puritan leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, under the impetus of the book published in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States in 1640. Louis Vuitton sunglasses This anthology of the upcoming auction of the well-preserved, in the yellow on the title page, the words the phrase: "the whole book of poems in English to express the rhythm." Printed in the bottom of the page that says 1640. In fact, the 1947 auction will auction a "Gulf Hymns, priced at a record - $ 151,000. The auction Sotheby's auction house, on the 14th of this month, this book will be on display at the auction house, then was sent to various cities in the United States on display, such as Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas.

This book belongs to all of the Old South Church in Boston, after the church there are five, but the other three existing at the Library of Congress, Yale University and Brown University. Today, in order to raise funds, the creation of the ministry of the church, and expand the influence of the church, Christians who vote to decide the remaining two in an auction. It is reported that the Old South Church in Boston was established in 1669, the father of the American Revolution, Samuel Adams was one of the members of the Church, Louis Vuitton Purses the famous American statesman Benjamin Franklin had received baptism. Nancy Taylor, senior minister of the church, said: "This is a beautiful collection of poems, is one of the most important books in the history of the United States, the person in charge of the Library of Congress collection of books and characteristic collection 马克狄蒙纳 new "Gulf hymn" is an iconic work represents the beginning of American literature, and American Poetry, American spirit and printing paper and other factors can be found in this book.


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