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Today is the 101 anniversary of the late North Korean leader Kim Il Sung's birthday, North Korea has also made this day as the "Sun Festival" In recent days, held a variety of activities to meet the Louis Vuitton Outlet arrival of the holiday season. At the same time, however, the speculation about whether North Korea will launch a missile continues, Louis Vuitton Shoes North Korea responded "no sincerity" Korean dialogue recommended. Public opinion, the situation on the peninsula usher in key sensitive nodes is still complicated and confusing.
Since its third nuclear test in North Korea caused by the vibration of the international community in February of this year, the situation on the peninsula has been in a gradual warming trend. Especially early in March declared abandoned "Armistice Agreement" in response to US-South Korean military exercises, North Korea continue to release tough talk. Even recently Louis Vuitton Outlet Store announced its relations with South Korea into a "state of war", and suggested that the withdrawal of foreigners in Korea. However, with the atmosphere, with the advent of the "Sun Festival", Louis Vuitton Wallets the DPRK held a series of celebrations in the country has witnessed a festive atmosphere. According to the Korean Central News Agency, April 8, to celebrate the birth of Kim Il Sung and Japanese movies late in Pyongyang and Road began; 9 to 11 days, Louis Vuitton Outlet Online the 18th Sun Festival Cuisine Festival held in Pyongyang; national calligraphy celebrate the Sun Festival section, Songhua art exhibition, National Institute of Industrial Art Exhibition opened on the 10th. April Spring of April 11, the Third People's Art Festival in Pyongyang began, more than 60 groups in the national competition in the selection of the thousands of writers and artists to participate in the Arts Festival; April 12, North Korean women alliance leaguer to review concert held to celebrate the Sun Festival, the Korean Professional League Central Workers' art propaganda team also held on the date of the performance. April 14, North Korea held in Pyongyang on the 26th Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon, the participation of 14 foreign athletes and 237 Korean players. Pyongyang city curfew dispatched police to clear the way. It is understood that the date of the DPRK did not invite any State to the Embassy in the DPRK permanent institutions or students to participate in the competition.
14 on the day to celebrate the 101 anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the central reporting meeting. According to the Korean Central News Agency reported, in the DPRK foreign diplomats, representatives of international organizations, members of the military attaches corps, the Juche idea study organizations delegations and representatives of foreign guests invited to attend. Louis Vuitton sunglasses Korean Workers Party Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's Assembly Kim Yong Nam, chairman of the report at the meeting, said North Korea will be based on the concept of autonomy, peace, friendship, expand and develop the country's external relations, as a responsible nuclear state to defend the Asian and world peace and stability, independent of the cause in the world to make a positive contribution. The same day, North Korea Road, city (district), county, joint ventures were held in the General Assembly and reports will celebrate the birth of Kim Il Sung.
Recently, South Korea, the United States passed a series willing to hold dialogue with the DPRK to ease the situation. However, North Korea has 14 days to respond to criticism Korean dialogue suggested no sincerity, no substance, just empty words ". April 11, South Korean President Park Geun-hye in the meeting with the New National Party members, first proposed inter-Korean dialogue, Louis Vuitton Purses and pledged to continue on toward humanitarian aid. Korean Unification Minister Liu Ji also issued a statement the day of hope with the DPRK dialogue to resolve the problem of the Kaesong Industrial Complex. 12, Park Geun-hye again stressed that in order to solve the inter-Korean Kaesong industrial park, including all the major issues, you need to first understand the idea of the DPRK, so naturally you want to dialogue with North Korea. The day visit to South Korea, the United States Secretary of State Warren in Seoul said that the United States is willing to substantive dialogue through the six-party talks or bilateral talks with North Korea, but only if North Korea must comply with international obligations.
For Korean dialogue proposal, the peaceful reunification of Korea Committee spokesman said the 14th critics called the lack of sincerity. The spokesman stressed that confrontation and dialogue can not co-exist, if the South Korean authorities are really interested in dialogue, it is necessary to give up confrontation attitude fundamentally. Dialogue in the future, depends entirely on the attitude of the South Korean authorities. Response against North Korea, Louis Vuitton Bags Yonhap and some foreign media, this shows that North Korea actually rejected the proposal of the dialogue. However, a person in charge of South Korea's Unification Ministry has denied. That depends on ROK attitude expressed point of view, at this stage, can not conclude that North Korea is in fact refused to ROK dialogue proposed inter-Korean dialogue can achieve remains to be seen whether the dialogue from the DPRK ".


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