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Post  xiaoshen on Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:20 pm

Kerry's visit to China! At this critical juncture, the United States still hopes China can help tide over their difficulties. However, the United States seems to have forgotten the difficulties Cheap Nike Shoes of the United States can help, then difficulties? China's periphery, almost all of the shadow of the United States - Around China, almost all ultimately the shadow of the United States. From the Korean Peninsula to the East China Sea issue, and then to the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, and from Myanmar to India from Central Asia to Mongolia, Cheap Nike Shoes almost surrounded by China, the United States are fanning the flames reform package. And as the situation changes, the United States is becoming less and less restraint; seems the United States has not looked down on any one person in China! What gives such an arrogant Nike Air Max 95 attitude and practices of the United States? China on this issue, do not you should reflect on it? Frequent U.S. military intervention and an attempt to force to interfere in China's internal affairs and Sovereignty was most worried about the Korean Peninsula issue, hurry to help China hopes that China will help the United States. Would not it be a fairy tale?
Sino-US exchange - Of course, there is a case is an exception, that is, China and the United States can have some interests on the exchange! North Korea's aggressive, Nike Free Run 3 for China, it is a double-edged sword, either in order to capture the interests of their own country, but also allows the United States exists the possibility of compromise. Exchange, between China and the United States, how should I exchange it? In order to know what to exchange between China and the United Nike Air Force 1 States need to know what! As the United States is concerned, we need most now is not a large-scale war, though the United States is very arrogant, even if the United States really want to move a bit, but he could not consider the actual situation with Korea? So from that point of view, the United States do not want to intervene in such a large-scale war, and may be the possibility of nuclear war broke out!
Now most needed is that North Korea served soft, then the United States can Longitudinal ass, and took the opportunity to ease tension on the peninsula. To support South Korea and Japan alliance, got some face, which is not as they are now nervous tension, it seems that the threat of war! For China, we should consider more. Let us not, China's influence in the Korean; only problem around China, it has feel the burn. Japan, the Philippines, Lebron 10 Vietnam, which is not a good bird! Now, China wants the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea to make a difference, really needs the United States arrives to knock. Because the United States could not do anything good, but if the spoiler of effort, it can be said that great. China on North Korea to the United States to a higher level, then, in exchange, the United States can exit the East China Sea and South China Sea dispute.
North Korea to seek international assistance through ups and downs finally chose a path of blackmail. International aid, especially at the beginning of the North Korean regime hopes China's selfless support. Just the US-led blockade of the country, Beijing is no alternative but to determine the older the more insatiable and he likes to make trouble Koreans already impatient, North Korea can not get enough assistance to develop nuclear weapons to curb the strategy of the Asian countries, China naturally will be a victim of blackmail by North Korea. The fundamental research, the international community and step-by-step reform with Chinese can not tolerate the Nike Free Run patriarchal authoritarian regime of North Korea to North Korea to bring serious humanitarian disaster, more afraid of North Korea could collapse at any geopolitical catastrophe, Air Jordan Shoes of course, China and the United States such as the focus of concern to the country varies. The United States has always been difficult to tolerate North Korea the world's last fully enclosed areas, authoritarian rule and exactions of the patriarchal regime, the avid social beliefs with the United States to promote the values ??of fundamental support or oppose.
Of course, the real United States and other countries the disgust or North Korea to achieve their own political purposes ongoing international terrorism and nuclear weapons research and development programs. The former has always been a major issue for the Government of the United States and Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Japan to negotiate with North Korea, Nike Air Max 95 which is in the North Korea nuclear program agenda for the United States is deeply tingling. Western countries have a natural excuse of international humanitarian constantly concerned about the current situation in North Korea. North Korea in the case of severe economic weakness not to give up confrontation in the Korean Peninsula and the United States, Japan and the development of nuclear weapons, just because the North Korean authorities are not willing to give up the right to simple purpose. Handle in six decades, has a fear of the armed forces of the region, if we get the full use of nuclear technology. The end of the day the United States will find the strategy will be completely out of control in East Asia. A yet madman armed with a sharp knife to harm innocent people. A country's collective madness will lead to much disaster? United States, but South Korea and Japan is a painful experience
Beijing? North Korea do not know what Nike Dunk High international moral how can we expect acts recklessly when he noticed the side of the Chinese. In North Korea when we need to, Lebron 10 yet in many fields do not buy the account of China, North Korea complete grasp of the nuclear forces, how can we expect to reproduce become an obedient allies? North Korea from developing nuclear weapons in China can be described as more harm than good. Lee!


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