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Everyone knows the iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy, and everyone also knows that Louis Vuitton updates this coveted classic with each season. For Louis Vuitton Spring 2013, Louis Vuitton Outlet Store Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs decided to add a geometric note with lots and lots of squares. Checks make a huge appearance, but my attention went to this updated version of the LV classic, which has been dubbed the Louis Vuitton Speedy Cube. An updated treatment on the Damier pattern, the Damier Facette is made with brushed shiny calf leather and a structured English frame. There is something fun and different about these bags, a bit more playful. The structured frame helps combat one of the biggest complaints about the LV Speedy, its lack of shape, and gives a specific dimensionality to the bag. Available in both MM and PM in a variety of colors, the price varies from $1,990-$2,280. Our question is, what do you think, love it or leave it?

We know Jillian Michaels isnít a stranger to weightlifting, so itís no surprise that sheís handling her giant Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Keepall like itís a clutch. Louis Vuitton Outlet Online The Mon Monogram is a customized version of the aptly named Louis Vuitton Keepall Ė each bag is personalized with your initials and up to two colored stripes of your choosing. Jillian opted for orange with fuchsia lining. You can create your own Mon Monogram Keepall on the Louis Vuitton website. Any variation of colors and stripes seems to add up to $2,030 before tax. (I know this because Iíve been customizing the Keepall oí my dreams for about a half hour now. Iím extremely fond of dual center stripes in Bleu de France and Bleu Clair.)What combination would you pick for your dream Keepall? Louis Vuitton is inarguably the biggest designer handbag brand in the world, but putting your hands on exactly the Vuitton bag you want can be maddeningly difficult, especially if that bag was a limited edition or came from a previous season. Louis Vuitton keeps such a tight control on its retail inventory that sometimes, all seems lost. Louis Vuitton Handbags sale But itís not, especially when we have things like the Handbags by Louis Vuitton: Picks by Bella Bag sale at Rue La La to pull us through.

Rue La La has teamed up with Bella Bag, which has in turn scoured the market for the best pre-owned, vintage and limited edition Louis Vuitton pieces out there. Louis Vuitton Luggage sale With everything from foundation pieces like a monogram canvas Neverfull to rare finds from limited edition collections, thereís a little something for every customer (and every price point) in the sale, which runs through Tuesday, February 5. Check out our picks from the sale below or head straight to Rue La La to shop the huge Vuitton selection! There are few brands from which I will happily buy monogrammed pieces, and Louis Vuitton is one of them. Itís not that I actively seek LV out, but somehow, it seems to seek me out Ė Louis Vuitton just does that to me. Louis Vuitton Bags sale The brand has reinvented its monogram in so many ways that it never feels old to me, which is a pretty neat trick on the part of the brandís designers. In particular, I love the way LV tones down its classic monogram, and thatís is precisely why I am currently coveting the Louis Vuitton Flat Zip Pochette.

Iím one of those people who likes to put bags inside of my bags, with different pouches and pochettes for different purposes. Louis Vuitton Purses sale For travel, a flat pochette like this one is ideal to help save space when packing, but it still affords you lots of organizational options. Thatís why Iíve got my eye set on this bag, with its sleek, black silk jacquard monogram and feminine feel. The design is simple, but it allows this bag to have an elegant and practical feel. Iíve always had a place for Louis Vuitton in my heart, and I can easily make a place for this bag in my collection. Buy via Louis Vuitton for $1,100. For reasons that are perhaps obvious, I donít follow menís fashion as closely as I do womenís, but I love to look through the looks after the Louis Vuitton menís show every season. Vuitton is a unique brand in that it has almost equal appeal to both genders; where most companies specialize, Vuitton achieves equal-opportunity luxury. When you take a look through these pictures of the bags, shoes and accessories from Louis Vuitton Fall 2013, Louis Vuitton sunglasses sale itís not difficult to see why no one can get enough LV.

Vuitton menswear chief Kim Jones drew the collectionís inspiration from his travels to Nepal and Bhutan, which were reflected most clearly in the lovely unisex florals that dotted the collection, including several of its bags. Louis Vuitton Wallets sale Thereís also plenty of shearling, which gives a nod to the sherpas of that especially mountainous region of Asia. Check out the full set of photos from Louis Vuittonís official Facebook in the slideshow below. Why are we posting about this? Well, itís Wednesday, so I say, why not? Today in random but tasty news, we have L.A. Clipper Ronny Turiaf pictured at his birthday party with a custom Louis Vuitton Cake. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a major sweet-tooth, and something about a cake being made to look like a bag just gives me happy feelings. Itís funny when you think about it, because creations like this cost a lot of money (for a cake), but it goes to show that the handbag is the king of not just the accessories world, but sometimes, also of the food world.

The iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy is easily recognizable and widely adored. As one of the most well-known handbags, Louis Vuitton Shoes sale the Speedy is reinterpreted season after season in a variety of renditions by Marc Jacobs and his accessories team. I always look forward to what they will come up with, and while some versions arenít my taste, I always find at least a couple that are. This season Iíve been eying the Louis Vuitton Leopard Speedy, a bag that packs an animalistic touch on a shape I already love. Truth be told, I love leopard print bags in general; they add the perfect va-va-voom to an outfit, and I prefer my animal prints to be on my accessories. Because this is a Speedy, the bag has all the requisite Speedy touches like calfskin trim and aged silver hardware. The difference is the Stephen Sprouse leopard pattern on velvety jacquard textile, which really brings the bag to life. I love Louis Vuitton and I love the Speedy, but I just wish this bag had an optional shoulder strap Ė then I would really consider hunting it down. Louis Vuitton Belts sale The Speedy is meant to be handheld, and while that works for some situations, itís typically more of a nuisance than not. Shoulder straps always make a bag easier to carry, and when the Speedy has that added benefit, itís a bag I fall head over heels for. This version costs $2,760 via Louis Vuitton.


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