The Relationship of Chandler and Monica in Friends box set

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The Relationship of Chandler and Monica in Friends box set

Post  mark520 on Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:08 am

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Classical series is very fantastic, and there are many amazing series and If we mentioned about Comedy Series, many people may remember friends DVD, this series really bring audience happy and recent years there are many new release sitcom series like The Big Bang Theory Season 6 DVD is a scientific sitcom and now this sitcom is at the cheapest price with perfect quality, just AU$22.99 can get whole sixth season of the big bang theory and Girls Season 2 DVD is another series that we love to watch, this series is new release and hot now, the office DVD] is a sitcom, the ninth season of HIMYM is the final season of this series., Two And A Half Men DVD is about three guys. In friends there are many amazing episodes like the moment that Chandler first tell Monica he loved her.
The Moment that Chandler first tell Monica he loved her is in the episode” The One with all the Thanksgivings” In order to cheer up Chandler, Monica puts a turkey on her head and dances. He inadvertently blurts out "You're so great, I love you." He then tries to take this back but Monica heard. ; Later on in Friends Season 5 in The One Where Everybody Finds out Chandler again tells Monica he loves her for the first time.


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